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tribal relations and governance

Welcome to the Indigenous leaders who have come to visit this website.  Please let us know how we may can be of assistance to your Tribe or Nation’s goals.  If you would like our assistance, please complete the intake form below.  We are always learning how to be of best assistance, so please let us know if there is another way, or a different way, we can be of assistance.

To those who would like to support and be in right relations with Indigenous leaders or Nations: Indigenous peoples have been targeted, oppressed and colonized for centuries for their land. Indigenous Peoples have taken time and energy to educate non-Indigenous people, and have specified how to help. Their goals are clearly stated; they want to put their energy into saving the earth, their families, their kinship relationships and themselves. Despite being very clear about the issue and goals, non-Indigenous folks often request assistance in learning how to make commitments in support of the issue and goals.

Common issues that Indigenous Nations experience include:

  1. Private foundations who want to help, but the Indigenous Nations are not recognized as nonprofits, so foundations are reluctant to fund them.
  2. Landowners want to give their land to Indigenous Nations, but may have strict contingencies or controls tied to the gift or return.
  3. Non-Indigenous people who want to help, but place the burden on the Indigenous Nation for not taking an active role or participating in the way that they are used to working with others.
  4. Indigenous Nations who are recognized as nonprofits, but need legal and operational support to help maintain the resources necessary to actualize their sovereign goals.
  5. Indigenous Nations who want legal assistance negotiations and circle process with non-Indigenous parties, in support of goals including rematriation, landback, and access to sacred sites for ceremony and gatherings.

In light of our learning, assistance and continued relations with the Esselen Tribe of Monterey County’s historic land return of 1200 acres in 2020, and our work in the northern part of California, as well as in Taos, New Mexico, we are in support of a growing number of unrecognized tribes in California with many legal issues that need immediate attention. In 2020 and 2021 several initiatives at the State and Federal level have necessitated this immediate need for governance support for Indigenous leaders and Nations.

Would you like to help support our services for unrecognized Indigenous Nations? You can do so through our sister affiliate non-profit, the Healing and Reconciliation Institute, a 501(c)3. We have the expertise necessary to serve our Indigenous Nation clients, but we need help with many types of support, as many of our clients are under-resourced, do not yet have a way to receive funds and have very specific legal needs.

June 8, 2022 – Indigenous governance – a webinar led by Indigenous peacemakers

March 16, 2022 – Indigenous-led nonprofit compliance recording

April 20, 2022 – Mediation & Peacemaking to support Indigenous & non-Indigenous organization relationships

We offer tribal governance support for tribes and tribal relations for land trusts and other nonprofit and state agencies who need to work with tribes.

Funding for this work can be directed towards our sister affiliate organization, Healing and Reconciliation Institute.

Interested in working with us? Please select one of the three client intake forms below and fill out the requested information. Someone from our office will contact you within 48 hours regarding next steps.

Any content provided on this page and in these webinars is for informational purposes only and is not intended as legal advice. Please speak to a lawyer to get advice for your particular situation.