Top 7 Wealth Steps

1. Wage earning NOT wealth building?

Don’t just earn, but make your money earn for you…whether

it’s a house, a business, stocks, bonds or a savings account –

do it and do it, as soon as you can, since you never know

when you won’t be able to work any longer.

2. Waiting for a crisis?

Take responsibility for your wealth and debt, NOW. If you wait until someone

whom you rely on for support gets sick, whether it’s yourself, your family, your

husband or even your employer you are far less likely to have GREAT options. Not

to mention you’ll be in a terrible state to make smart decisions. Remember, don’t

work hard, work smart!

3. Thinking someone will save you?

Whether it’s your employer’s compensation package, government unemployment,

an insurance settlement, or a scratch card fantasizing about your finances getting

fixed by a force other than yourself is just that…a FANTASY.

4. Thinking you’re alone?

You may not want to talk about your financial concerns with your usual support

network, so find one. Whether it’s a community group, a financial advisor, a friend of-

a-friend whom you admire, your local banker or the result of a Google search

there are people, places and resources out there to support your success practically


5. Commitment issues?

You want it to work out well? Be financially successful? Overall, be successful? Just

wash, rinse, and repeat these steps, no questions asked at all times a) Make a start,

b) Keep going, and c) Never give up. Sometimes your fiscal follies have very little to

do with your ability to understand what you ought to do, but rather with your

ability to actually do them. Make the most out of your life and your life-long

earnings. Be honest with yourself, take ownership of your circumstances and get

help if things don’t change. You wouldn’t go to a plumber for advice about brain

surgery, after all, so don’t think it strange that you might need some outside

support to manage money. No person is an island.

6. Needing a lot to start?

Any amount you can start putting away is good. Whether you use automatic

transfers to a savings account, or a jar keep going until you have 6-8 months living

expenses covered then with compounding you’ll be amazed what you can turn that

into…you just got to get that snowball rolling for you!

7. Guilt?

Taking charge of your finances enriches you financially, emboldens you personally,

and endows you with enormous clout. When you combine your funds with others,

whether it’s a charitable donation, political contribution, or self-enriching

investment, YOU have the ability to manifest widespread change with your change!

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