Preventative Law 101

What is “preventative law” or “preventive law” and why is it important to Moxie Lab and our clients?  Preventive law is a philosophy of law practice that involves forecasting and anticipating legal issues.  It is the basis of everything we do at Moxie Lab. offers a great definition– ” Preventive law seeks to anticipate and prevent legal problems and litigation in a broad scope of areas, such as environmental law, sex discrimination, computer law, estate planning, corporate compliance, business planning, and property transactions. Lawyers who practice preventive law may offer services in mediation and alternative dispute resolution, governmental affairs (such as government contracts, bids, or lobbying efforts), and legal research. Preventive law attorneys may evaluate the legal implications of business contracts and attend meetings with representatives from business, government or private individuals as an advocate or mediator, among other matters.”

When I first start practicing law, I was a litigator.  There were many parts of the litigation business which seemed to be unhelpful and dissatisfying to clients. This included:

1.  Requiring cost-prohibitive retainers before even speaking with a lawyer;
2.  Lawyers overusing legal terminology and other “hiding the ball” behavior when speaking to their clients;
3.  Lawyers not providing realistic fee estimates, especially for litigation services;
4.  Runaway billing that left clients feeling out of control about the costs of dealing with their legal matter; and
5.  An adversarial and conflict-filled process that was usually devastating for the clients, even if their outcome was successful.

When I opened Moxie Lab, I decided that we would serve our clients in a different way.  The key way we do this is by helping our clients identify potential problems and recommend specific legal solutions before a lawsuit is filed or a compliance issue raised.  I think of preventative law as a kinder, gentler law practice, where my role as an attorney is more as an educator, coach and resource to my clients.  Our unique concierge legal services provides a high degree of usefulness for our clients, by coming to our clients at their workplace or home.    Whether it is through our estate planning services, or through our business and non-profit consulting services, Moxie Lab is devoted to helping our clients plan their futures in a way that fosters prosperity and resilience, while helping avoid the cost and stress of litigation.  Contact us to learn more.

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