Legal Coaching as a Preventative Law Tool

Q: What does legal coaching have to do with the law?

A: We offer a service called legal coaching to meet the fast-moving needs of our entrepreneurial clients while helping them keep ahead of emerging legal issues. It is based on three strategies: (1) addressing the legal issues and providing recommendations on legal strategy, (2) providing an organizational strategy, and (3) leadership development support. Our legal coaching combines these strategies into what we like to call preventative law.

Q: Who might benefit from legal coaching?

A: Forward thinking encompasses those who are growth-oriented, vulnerable and are long-view planners, or, the people who want to be like them. Legal coaching is offered to create space for the implementation of their long-term plan, while leaving enough room during the session to address emerging legal issues. Making time for the coaching sessions is half the battle, so we put the clients’ best interests in mind and support their higher view for themselves and their company and keep them on track.

Q: I might like to do legal coaching for my company. How do I get started?

A: Legal coaching is based on a fixed number of monthly 50-minute meetings that usually take place at the same time/day each month and our held at our office in Monterey or via Zoom video chat. If you are a current client, simply reach out to a member of our team. If you are a potential client, please refer to our Become a Client page and fill out our new client intake form to get started.

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