Challenges In The Workplace – When Is Enough, Enough?

Today I was having lunch with an old colleague and he was sharing a story about an office he had worked in that was so dysfunctional that it made it challenging to get his daily tasks done.  What I found interesting about his story was how he and his fellow employees felt powerless to change this dysfunction, which was seriously impacting the organization’s services.   Unfortunately, this can be the experience of many organizations and companies.  Today’s post is directed to directors, executives, and owners who are trying to improve their bottom line.  What can be the biggest challenge to meeting Return on Investment (ROI) goals?  It can often be employees who are not able to overcome consistent challenges in their workplace paired with their supervisor’s inability to address them.

When I work with my executive clients, a common theme arises from our conversations.  No matter what the issue being faced by the client, the cause often has to do with employees who lack the training to overcome challenging situations.  What is even more striking is how these clients often haven’t grasped the extent of the challenge, which can bleed into multiple departments or regions and negatively impact efficiencies.

Outside consultants can help identify the root of these challenges and come up with real and lasting solutions through negotiation, conflict resolution and training.  Contact us to learn more about what Moxie Lab can do for your company.

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