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let’s work together

We’ve built a simple four-step process to gather information, set a budget and enter into a working relationship.


If you want to review your needs with Maija, please click here to book a 60-minute in-person or video initial consultation with Maija. Not all new clients need a consultation. If you already know what services are needed, please proceed to the next step. Note there is a fee associated with the consultation. For pricing please contact us or use our online calendaring tool for more information.


The next step is filling out our convenient online intake form. This form gathers the information we will need to open your file and prepare an Engagement Letter.


Once we review the information you provide and complete an initial conflicts check, we will reach out by telephone or email to gather any additional information we may need. We will discuss your matter, set out a budget for consulting services and determine the best tier of service for you. If you want to discuss this before filling out the New Client Intake Form, that’s okay too. Just give us a call or send an email to admin@maijawest.com.


Using information gathered in the first two steps, we will prepare and send you an Engagement Letter and gather payment information. Most of the time, you can review and sign this letter online. Payment by credit card can be made by Law Pay.


We love utilizing new technologies when they help our clients more efficiently; the tools we currently use are listed below. Prior to your consult, consider exploring these tools to see if they might be useful in our service to you.

And, if you think there is a better tool for the job, please share it with us!

Our document sharing: Box
Our payments: Law Pay
Our video chat: Zoom
Our calendaring tool: Calendly